Family Therapy Activities to Consider

Drug addiction affects more than just the individual who is doing drugs. It impacts their family, loved ones, and the community. When someone becomes addicted to drugs, they often times isolate themselves from others because of their drug activity. This puts a wedge between them and their family and has an impact on your relationships. Family therapy with its accompanying family therapy activities seeks to create a bridge between family members again. At Santé Center for Healing, we understand how important family connections are. That is why we help provide substance abuse treatment as well as programs at our mental health dual diagnosis treatment center to help improve relationships between your family and treat both your addiction and mental health issues at the same time.

The Goal of Family Therapy

As stated above family therapy seeks to create a bridge between separated family members. Families that are in the middle of a drug addiction crisis are not necessarily separated by space or time. However, drug use separates them emotionally and mentally.

Additionally, family therapy also helps to mend broken hearts. Drug addiction causes tensions to rise in families. Family members speak harsh words to one another in the midst of a drug crisis, and there are many regrets. Through a family therapy program, people can begin to heal and reconnect.

Finally, family therapy also reveals how each person’s actions affect the other family members. The drug user discovers how his or her actions harm others. In addition, if a family member is enabling the drug user, this is brought out. The therapist explores any co-dependency issues too.

Family Therapy Activities

The therapist will guide family members through different activities in an effort to achieve the goals. For example, some therapy activities that may help foster communication may include:

  • Taking turns writing down a secret wish or desire you have
  • Talk about one of your most difficult challenges
  • Take turns telling about a favorite family memory
  • Play a relaxing board game
  • Participate in outdoor therapy activities such as hiking or boating
  • Participate in art therapy as a means to eliminate stress and put on paper feelings
  • Do yoga therapy together
  • Get involved in music therapy, which can evoke emotions that may trigger communication

As can be seen, these are an example of some of the therapies you may expect during family therapy sessions. Your therapist will guide you through the activities.

Healing Through Family Therapy

At Sante Center for Healing, your family will experience meaningful therapy and begin to heal from the trauma of drug addiction. You may go through some uncomfortable moments during this time as you get used to communicating your feelings. However, in the end, the results will be worth it.

Additionally, the person who is struggling with drug addiction will participate in other addiction treatment therapies as well. Some of these include:

In fact, at Santé Center of Healing, our evidence-based addiction treatment and mental health treatment programs focus on bringing you results for starting life anew. We believe in guiding clients to help them achieve long-term healing that lasts.

Do not wait until addiction steals your family from you to get help. Take action for yourself now and find out more about family therapy activities at a quality drug rehab. You can achieve sobriety with the right support and therapy. Contact us at 866.238.3154, and we will get you on the road to recovery so you can start focusing on what matters most to you. .

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