How to Create a Space that Promotes Your Mental Health

Your home should be a comforting place that allows you to unwind and relax a big part of that creating a space outdoors that provides a safe place to enjoy the outdoors in a relaxing picturesque environment. Too often the business of daily life can cause your outdoor area to become more of a chore than a therapeutic area surrounding your home.

Especially during a pandemic the comfort of your home is even more important now that everyone is home more often. A survey by CouponFollow found that 90% of homeowners and 78% of renters have taken on a home project since the pandemic began. Of those who made home upgrades, 73% said these projects positively impacted their mental health. It is imperative you can enjoy your space as much as possible.

In this article we conflate the connection between your home and your mental health and a list of easy updates tp imporve your mental health

How Your Home Affects Your Health & Attitude

The tie between your mental health and your home has only gotten more substantial in the past year, as Dr. McCarthy explains in her article in Harvard Health Publishing. As our world (and any semblance of a normal life) has turned on its head, it’s commonplace to experience a huge shift in mental health as you work to cope. Though you may not be able to change a lot about what is causing you stress during these tumultuous times, one thing you can change is your home surroundings.

3 home updates for improved mental health

1. Clean Up Around the House

The best thing anyone can do for their mental health is to make a big effort to clean up around the house. Have a clutter free environment promotes mental wellbeing but also can contribute to a sense of accomplishment. But often times your yard and surrounding can be too much of a burden to clean on your own many people opt to hire a landscape macitence company or someone that provides lawn maintenance services.

2. Decorate with plants

Spending time in nature can spur a variety of mental health benefits. According to Greater Good Magazine, nature has been proven to reduce stress levels, make you happier, reduce fatigue and help you be more creative.

Its best to have green spaces for your family around the house and in your yard. but sometimes plants can be daunting for people without a green thumb thats when you should call a landscaping Services Company in Md who can provide planting services and other yard modifications.

3. Add in light therapy devices

Many people suffer from SAD, aka Seasonal Affective Disorder many people experience it at some point in thier life. It’s a depressing feeling you get during the winter when sunshine is scarce, and the weather makes spending time outdoors a lot less pleasurable.

This can lead to not only a vitamin D deficiency, but also feelings of depression and anxiety. Add a global pandemic to the mix, and SAD has likely impacted many more people than usual this past year.

Many people try to add more shaded areas so they can spend more time outside in the sun and fresh air and build fire pits or have a patio built for them.