What Is Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy?

Over the years, drug addiction has become a part of your life, but you’re ready to end that substance abuse. Thankfully, cognitive-behavioral therapy in Tampa, FL, and other care options can help you here. But what is cognitive-behavioral therapy, and how does it manage the dangers of addiction? Learning more about this process will ensure that you can walk away from drugs for good and become a happy and healthy person again.

What Is Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy?

Cognitive-behavioral therapy is a unique addiction treatment option that works to manage a person’s underlying emotional concerns. The idea behind it is that the unconscious mind has certain beliefs that it wants the conscious mind to reward. As a result, a person’s behaviors may be hard to understand – they may take drugs, for instance, knowing that it is harmful because their unconscious mind demands it.

CBT works to upset that situation by subtly changing the ways that a person behaves. For example, The CBT process helps the patient identify harmful beliefs and thoughts that contribute to their adverse behaviors. Next, they learn to replace these ideas with positive concepts and use them to change their unconscious mind. Though this process takes time, it can be a powerful tool for overcoming many types of issues.

For example, those with anxiety often use CBT to understand what makes them anxious and to use calming techniques to relax their body and mind. Others may use these techniques to break paranoid behavior patterns and other issues that they may experience. Thankfully, CBT can be adjusted to help with drug addiction, which is why so many people are now asking, “what is cognitive-behavioral therapy?” before attending outpatient drug rehab.

How Does Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy Help With Addiction?

Now that you understand the question, “what is cognitive-behavioral therapy?” you can understand how CBT is used to treat addiction. This powerful care option provides many different unique possibilities for those struggling with this health issue, such as:

  • Assessing the behaviors that worsen addiction
  • Providing relief for these common emotional issues
  • Guiding a person to a calmer state of mind
  • Understanding what triggers a person to abuse drugs
  • Relieving both addictive behaviors and psychological problems at the same time

All of these benefits help to make CBT a powerful tool for people trying to beat addiction. By implementing all of these techniques into a person’s recovery, it is possible to walk away from substance abuse and emotional problems for good. But who can provide this type of care option? Multiple types of professionals in rehab centers have the expertise necessary to help you out with CBT.

Who Can Provide Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy?

A growing number of addiction treatment specialists are learning how to provide CBT to people in their care. And while the techniques used in this type of psychotherapy are easy to understand, they require a trained professional to correctly implement. Just a few people who may be capable of providing CBT during drug rehabilitation include:

  • Psychiatrists – These experts often work in many addiction therapy centers to provide CBT
  • Behaviorists – Often, many rehab centers use these specially-trained experts for CBT
  • Counselors – Some care counselors may be capable of implementing some CBT methods
  • Recovery peers – Simple CBT lessons may be taught between those in rehab together

All of these individuals can provide the type of detailed CBT necessary for a person to overcome addiction. So what is cognitive-behavioral therapy? It is a powerful tool for anybody with emotional and behavioral problems. And it can also serve as an excellent way for those in recovery to help each other stay focused and consistent on their path to ultimate recovery.

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